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Portsmouth Harbor Response Initiative (PHRI)  

The PHRI is a web-based GIS platform that allows for visualization and display of spatial data using the Google map interface coupled with a WMS (mapserver). The Coastal Response Research Center (CRRC) is leading the effort which involves a collaboration among several NOAA funded centers at UNH including the Earth Systems Data Collaborative, NOAA NowCOAST, The Joint Hydrologic Center/CCOM and CICEET.


Features of the Portsmouth Harbor Tool:

  • Web-based GIS platform using Google map interface
  • Easily includes information from multiple sources
  • Tool grabs data from remote locations; does not have to store on local server
  • Can display multiple spatial data types without the need to pre-format

The beta version of this tool was introduced at a CRRC sponsored workshop on June 27, 2007. Learn more about this tool by visiting their Workshop page. Information includes:

  • Overview presentation (.pdf)
  • Web Mapping Demonstration Movies (Real Player)
  • Prototype Web GIS Response Platform (Must be viewed with Mozilla Firefox)
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