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New England Climate Portal

Weather and climate affect everything we do from our daily decisons to long-term planning. In order to assist decison makers and environmental managers at the local, state and regional level, the Collaborative has developed the New England Climate Portal. The Climate Portal is a web-based tool for interrogation and comparison of current climate with historical records an allows for direct inquiry of over 100 years of daily meteorological data from field stations across New England.

Climate data from 681 National Climate Data Center weather stations across 6 states are included in the climate portal database. Users first chose a data type e.g. precipitation, then chose a type of query and answer a series of "interview"questions about the desired spatial and temporal extent of the desired data output. A beta version of the portal is now online.

Beth Hall NH State Climatologist
John Kelley NOAA-OCS, NowCoast
Cameron Wake Climate Change Research Center, UNH
Susan Spierre Masters Student, UNH
Bob St. Lawrence Research Computing Center, UNH
Stanley Glidden Complex Systems Research Center, UNH

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